IU-bound golfer stays the course

Dittoe wraps up her four-year career


Senior Maddie Dittoe qualified for the State Finals, which were played at the Prairie View course in Carmel.

Chandler Watson, Sports Co-editor

When she was 8 years old, senior Maddie Dittoe picked up a golf club for the very first time. She would play in during the summer at Highland Golf and Country Club, but “it wasn’t until the summer before my freshman year of Cathedral that my love for the sport took off,” Dittoe said.

Although she is both verbally committed to Indiana University and competed in State on Sept. 29, she said, “I wasn’t even that good, I shot a 116 in my first Indiana Junior Golf tournament. But I loved it and I wanted to get better. So I did.”

Although she is extremely talented, Dittoe said, “It started with Mr. Coach Pat Fagan and continued with Mr. Coach Mike Miller, Mr. Coach Rick Shadiow and Mr. Coach Matt Hale. I have been lucky to have what I think are the best coaches a team could ask for with their experience.”

She also credits her teammates and friends in seniors Sophia Alexander and Sydney Hruskoci. Dittoe said, “We have all pushed each other the last four years to be better players. Without them pushing me, I would not be the player I am. I have been very lucky to have a team that not only supports each other, but also makes each other better people and teammates.”

Dittoe has been influenced by her father and coach in both life and golf.

Two of them were her Mr. Chris Dittoe and Mr. John Dunham. She said her dad “introduced (her) to the sport and has been (her) number one fan since Day 1. There’s never been a time I’ve asked him to play with me that he’s said no. He never misses a match and is always there with a big thumbs up and a smile cheering me on.”

Dittoe went on to say that her swing coach, Dunham is “truly a golf whisperer.”

She continued, “He’s not only a given me a strong swing, but he can see and tweak the littlest things that make the huge impact. He’s so positive and kind.”

She went to say how fortunate she is to have him as a coach and that she appreciates all he has taught her.

Making the State tournament is an accomplishment, and one that many are happy to receive. However, Dittoe would rather have her team with her.

She said, “It stinks. Of course, part of me is happy I made it because getting there was what we’ve been working towards this season. But the other part of me is saddened. The dream was for the team to get to State, for us to get there together.”

Dittoe has played on varsity all four years of her time here at Cathedral, which have created many memories for her.

Dittoe said, “It’s been an amazing experience. Going to State as a team my sophomore year is a great memory. Going on road trips the first week of each season and staying in a hotel and watching “The Bachelor” with the team was a blast.

The team winning the City championship all four years makes me proud.

Riding on the bus with the team with Coach Miller as bus driver I’ll never forget. Coach Miller being part coach, part therapist I’ll always remember. The friendships I’ve created that will last a lifetime, I will always appreciate. The winning is a lot of fun, but my favorite thing I’ll take from golfing at Cathedral is bonding with the team and creating friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Dittoe tied for 33rd at State and shot an 83 and then 81 over two days.