Students experience fall mission trip

North Carolina sites benefit


Catherine Jasper , Co-Editor-in-Chief

Many students spend fall break visiting other states, taking college visits or spending time at home. However, 75 students, along with 10 chaperones, spent their two days off working on a mission trip in Black Mountain, North Carolina.
Arriving early in the morning of Oct. 19 at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Asheville, students proceeded directly to their individual work sites. Some volunteered at a project aimed at the beautification of Black Mountain, others gave their time at a crisis center for those in need, and more traveled to Asheville Catholic School to help and interact with the kids.
After finishing service, the mission trip was opened with a prayer service focusing on happiness. Everyone fell into bed after a long day.
Friday, Oct. 20 came early, and volunteers returned to their assigned worksites from the previous day. The nightly prayer service focused on the value of love, how it was seen throughout the day, and how it will be experienced throughout the trip.
On Saturday, the students stayed at their home base, the YMCA, and made Christmas cards for active military service members, using an entire ream of paper to create 298 greetings.
The last day of the trip on Oct. 21, several students hiked the mountain while others participated in a ropes obstacle course.
The students and their chaperones returned to campus on Oct. 22 at 10:15 p.m. As a result of their arrival time, all of the mission trip participants were allowed to miss school on Oct. 23, turning their four-day weekend into a five-day weekend.