‘Tis the season: Flu is on its way

School nurse offers advice for avoiding illness


Jenna Williams

In her office, school nurse Mrs. Susan Mourouzis assists a student. With the flu season in full swing, the nurse offered tips for avoiding getting sick.

Jenna Williams, Co-Editor in Chief

The Halloween season, basketball season, and the fall season are underway, but they aren’t the only seasons needing to be noted. This year’s flu season is fast approaching and is predicted to be a tough one.

School nurse Mrs. Susan Mourouzis said that weather changes play a large part in determining the severity of the upcoming flu season.

However, there are tried and true ways to prevent illness. She said, “The best Number-1 way to prevent the spread of illness is washing hands the right amount of time and at the right time.  Was your hands before you eat, after you blow your nose and after you touch your face or any handles or doorknobs.”

She also reminded students to make sure they cover their cough and get a flu shot.

She said, “The reason you should get a flu shot is because it’s a way to protect you from getting the strains of flu that they are predicting will be around this season.”

The school provided a flu shot clinic for faculty and some of their spouses and children. About 116 people were immunized, Mourouzis said.