Assembly raises awareness for Lifeline Law

Guest speakers present importance of student safety

Tommy Callaghan, Web Editor


On the evening of Nov. 13, students received an email notifying them there would be an assembly the next day.

Students filled into the Welch Activity Center and began the program by listening to a speech by senior Alec Hobson. He gave his account of his brother’s tragic death  in 2014. The speech covered how David Hobson had used drugs and alcohol to cope with clinical depression, and ended with, “Drugs and alcohol are not the answer, I promise. Please learn from his mistake.”

Then, presented by Mrs. Dawn Finbloom and Mrs. Margaret Gibson, the Make Good Decisions Organization covered the extent of the Lifeline Law. According to the Indiana attorney General, the law “provides immunity from arrest or prosecution for certain alcohol offences if the arrest or prosecution is due to the person: reporting a medical emergency, being the victim of a sex offence or witnessing and reporting what the person believes to be a crime.”

If a minor is in possession of alcohol or under the influence, he or she cannot be prosecuted for such crimes if they call 911 services and act in good faith. To be immune from prosecution, teens must provide their full name and any other relevant information at the request of law enforcement officers, remain on the scene until law enforcement and emergency medical assistance dismiss and cooperate with all authorities.