Medical Club shares profession with members

Field trip to Indiana Spine Group affords real experience


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Club members gather after they participated in the dissection of a cadaver.

Catherine Jasper, Co-editor in chief

For many students, pursuing a career in the medical field is a major goal. For them, and any others that have an interest in medicine, the Medical Club provides an opportunity to meet with fellow students and meet with medical professionals.

One example of these meetings took place Dec. 6, when several members of the Medical Club visited the Medical Academic Center of Indiana Spine Group.

Senior Kalysta Lee, who acts as president of the Medical Club, wrote in an email, “students (dissected) different body parts and (observed) a surgery.”

Lee has been president of the club since the start of the year, and said she works with science teacher and Medical Club moderator Mrs. Sue Mills to organize field trips like the one that took place Dec. 6. Mills said, “I just got asked to be the moderator of the Medical Club this year, so this is new.”

Mills explained the importance of providing students with the opportunities to receive a hands-on approach to learning about the medical field. She said, “If kids are interested in the medical field, it’s good to have some hands-on experience to see if they are actually, truly interested. Sometimes, it takes exposure (to the medical field) to see if you really like it.”

Both Lee and Mills believe the club has great benefits for students, even if they find the medical field is not what they thought it was.

“I would like students to know that they don’t necessarily have to be super-passionate about health and medicine to join the club. The purpose of this club is to let people see if they have any interest in medicine and healthcare, so if they realize that medicine is not for them, it’s totally fine,” Lee said.

Mills said, “Students that have an interest in medicine or nursing or veterinary science or physical therapy, any of the medical fields, if they have time in their schedule, they should join the club.”

Shadowing doctors at IU Methodist Hospital is another major aspect of the club, one Lee says is her favorite part.

The field trips the Medical Club takes even helps Mills with her anatomy classes, who will visit the Indiana Spine Group next semester.

“If the (process of) watching the surgery goes well, we will add that to trip I take with anatomy,” she said.

The club focuses on having its members interact with professionals in the real world, while learning at the same time. Lee said, “(The club) gives (students) real-life experience so they can see what (a profession in the medical field is) like.”

Mills said, “The Medical Club is full of students who desire to learn more about the medical field, and it’s a good way to get exposure.”