Campus repairs scheduled during Christmas break

Maintenance to make fixes while students are away

Madi Tran, Reporter

Over Christmas break, multiple repairs and maintenance issues around the school will be addressed.

Just as the three wise men who saw the light, students and faculty will see similar lighting when they return to school on Jan. 8.

“This Christmas break, new LED lighting will be installed in the Welch Activity due to the very generous donations. Some cosmetic work on some interior walls are also scheduled,” Vice President of Operations Mr. Jim McLinn ’70, said.

The new lighting in the WAC will benefit the school in several ways. “Hopefully this break, the lights in the Welch Student activity Center will be replaced with new dimmable LED lighting. This will increase the longevity of light fixtures, while providing a more energy efficient, less costly lighting,” McLinn said.

While some maintenance workers are able to schedule time during the two-week Christmas break, a staff remains available in case they are needed. “Emergency repairs are completed as soon a possible. As emergency situations arise such as a broken water pipe, then the maintenance repair is done as immediately as possible,” McLinn said.

Maintenance will take break during Christmas vacation in order for the maintenance crew to work and not obstruct classes. McLinn said, “Over Christmas break from a maintenance standpoint, the maintenance crew catches up on fix-or-repair situations that have to wait until school is not in session for a longer span of days. Breaks such as fall break, Christmas break, spring break and summer break are used so as not to interfere with classes.”

Planning for the maintenance over break is organized far ahead of time in order to align with the calendar. McLinn said, “(We plan) a year in advance with an ongoing three years out prioritized planning process, which is directly linked to overall school budgeting process.”

Executive Management Services maintenance as well as other companies are involved with organizing the repairs and working on campus during Christmas break. McLinn said, “The EMS maintenance staff (works) on campus and outside vendors are involved in the maintenance planning.”

McLinn encourages students as well as families to show courtesy for the campus and to help keep the facility in top condition. McLinn said, “I would hope that all Cathedral family members could develop a sense of pride and respect for our campus and facilities and pitch in to help keep it clean and functioning properly.”