Being flexible during flex: Students meditate

Theology teacher provides classroom space, instruction


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During flex on Dec. 14, students put their minds at ease in Mrs. Katie Lewis’s theology classroom.

Erin O'Neill , Reporter

Flex is a busy time for most students, filled with class meetings in the auditorium, make-up tests, club gatherings and socializing.

However, this year, several seniors have chosen to use their flex time simply to relax. Meditation, organized by and taking place in the classroom of theology teacher Mrs. Katie Lewis, is a recent addition to the weekly student activities schedule. Students now use 20 minutes of their flex periods to unwind, rather than study for their next quiz or aimlessly scroll through social media.

Senior Katey Coleman described that while she initially began taking part in mediation for a theology assignment, she ended up enjoying it much more than she thought she would. She said, “I started going because I thought it would be an easy option for my spiritual growth project, but I ended up loving it and looking forward to going. Now my favorite part is being able to have a time during the day where I can relax.”

Senior Katie Alerding began attending meditations for a similar reason. She said, “I started going for my spiritual growth project (in my theology class), but I found out that is was very relaxing and it was nice to have a time in my day to just sit and relax and not worry about all of my tests and other schoolwork.”

Alerding also added that the meditation sessions began to draw larger crowds as the semester went on, as the due date for senior’s spiritual growth projects drew near. She said, “At first only about five people showed up during each flex period, but when the project due date started to get closer, about 30 people started coming.”

Both Alerding and Coleman provided insight as to what happens in these sessions.

Coleman said, “Meditation is a time when you get to rest your brain and really block out all of your thoughts. We usually lay on the floor or sit in chairs and play a meditation video from YouTube, which normally has a person talking with instrumental music in the background.”

Alerding said, “We all sit or lay down in a comfortable position and Mrs. Lewis will find a guided meditation, usually about religion, for us to listen to, and once 20 minutes have passed, we have the choice to either stay in the room or we can leave.”

Alerding also described that the practice of meditation is a time where someone can take a moment out of their day to find peace and help them reduce their anxiety. “It’s just nice to have a break from a busy day,” she said.

Alerding touched on why she continues to attend. She said, “It is just so relaxing. Honestly, I usually fall asleep at some point and it’s a nice little nap. But when I’m actually listening, it’s great to be able to reflect on my life and realize how wonderful it is.”