Face Off: Tagalongs are best

Sara Kress, Culture Co-Editor

Tagalongs are by far the best Girl Scout cookie. The mixture of peanut butter and chocolate is one of humanity’s greatest inventions. The sweetness of the chocolate and the saltiness of the peanut butter merge together to form the ultimate combination of two classic flavors.

The ratio of chocolate to peanut butter is perfected in a Tagalong. There is just enough peanut butter to complement the chocolate. The vibrant flavor of the peanut butter shines through the cookie.

Now, one might say that if you want chocolate and peanut butter, you should just eat a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Although Reese’s are a great candy, they can’t compare to the deliciousness of a Tagalong.

Tagalongs have an added factor that sets them apart from other sweets: the crunch. The inside of a Tagalong is a crunchy, shortbread cookie. This gives the treat a texture that truly elevates it above other cookies. A cookie needs crunch in order to make it worth eating. Without the inner cookie, Tagalongs would be lacking a crucial part of their nature.

These flavors are also the most diverse of the Girl Scout cookies. While other cookies stick to one or two flavors, like mint and chocolate or shortbread, Tagalongs boasts three bold flavors.

Tagalongs are a traditional cookie unlike some of the newer cookies, like Savannah Smiles.

The Girl Scouts are an organization that is steeped in tradition, and Tagalongs are a part of this. Young girls in uniforms have been selling this exact same cookie since the 1950s.

Tagalongs are a phenomenal cookie. All these aspects of the Tagalong place it at the top of the Girl Scout cookie list.