Face Off: Thin Mints are best

Max Wirth, Sports Co-Editor

It’s that time of the year again, folks. The little green vests with assortments of patches have started to come back from their yearly hiatus. The Girl Scouts are in full force, and the Thin Mints boxes are gleaming with joy.

Thin Mints boast a whopping 32 cookies per box. The total outdoes rival treat Samoas by 17 whole pieces. Once a box of Samoas is torn open, it’s gone. The longevity of a Thin Mints box is pivotal.

Along with the simplicity, the one main ingredient is key: chocolate. The perfect circle is fully created with chocolate, doused in chocolate and bursting with chocolate from the inside center. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

American author and illustrator Natalie Babbitt said, “Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” The Thin Mint is the most perfect circle surface, smooth to the touch. There’s no extravagant topping, nor an inside surprise: just the exquisite mint flavor smothered by chocolate. The Thin Mint remains unmistakable.

These fresh, mint-tinged cookies are also the most versatile of the whole Girl Scout bunch. Thin Mints can become even better coupled with a glass of cold milk. Furthermore, take the cookie Oreo-style and dunk it. Throw them in the freezer, and you’re dealing with an entirely different cookie now. It crunches perfectly and crumbles in your mouth just like any consumer wants.

According to a Fox News survey from 2017, Thin Mints held the crown for most popular Girl Scout Cookie in Indiana. It only makes sense that this cookie keeps the popularity rolling in 2018, given its scrumptious flavor. Do our state right: choose the Thin Mint this Girl Scout cookie season.