Face Off: Samoas are best

Sydney Hutchinson, Reporter

America’s largest and most popular season is among us all: Girl Scout cookie season. I’m not sure about your family, but mine safely buys around 15 boxes of Girl Scout cookies

We always buy them with the goal of being able to enjoy them year round, but as we all know, things hardly go according to plan. Though there is one thing I am certain on when it comes to the cookies that are currently fueling my addiction, Samoas are by far the best cookie.

Samoas are the perfect combination of coconut, caramel and chocolate. What’s not to love!? Just looking at the beautiful box with the purple border has the potential to get anyone to salivate. Sure, Thin Mints are a basic staple of any Midwest home. But someone needs to tell me why anyone would choose to consume, in plentiful amounts, something that tastes like a off-brand chocolate cookie in a bag of CVS mints, when you could eat and enjoy Samoa.

Don’t even get me started on how Samoas compare to all of the other cookies. The cookies with fake peanut butter? Haha, no thanks. The S’more cookie? Congrats on finding a way to ruin an already gross snack.

Let’s be honest, the worst part of owning Girl Scout cookies is having to share them. So while all the little kids are flocking towards anything with peanut butter or even resembling chocolate with their hands wide open, you are able to sit on the sidelines, watching the chaos.

And you can close your eyes and relax while enjoying your own cookies, because you, smart Samoa eater, do not have the stresses of the owning a basic cookie that does nothing for your pallet.

Join me in paying them overdue respect by buying them and smacking the other cookies out of people’s hands.