Face Off: Figure skating is best

Face Off: Figure skating is best

Lauren Smith , Co-Culture Editor

While all the Winter Olympics sports are entertaining and take unwavering dedication, figure skating is unmatched to any of the others.

Figure skating combines both art and sport. Figure skaters take their skill and athleticism and create a dance. Their movements are graceful and elegant, which can be difficult to accomplish.

Figure skaters have authentic talent. Instead of just watching an ordinary sporting event, figure skating gives you double the entertainment.

Many people struggle with learning to skate, so when viewers see figure skaters out on the ice moving effortlessly and doing such complex choreography, it is amazing to behold. Figure skaters must master their technic and constantly try new moves to make their routine more creative in order to receive higher scores.

In addition, figure skaters perform with music, which adds an extra component to their performance, whereas other sports lack this. Figure skaters must perform difficult moves and jumps, and they have to do so with confidence and perfection.

It is not easy to keep an audience involved, but figure skating performances are so captivating and they keep audience members in awe. Everyone is on the edge of their seats during a skater’s performance. While some sports involve competing against other opponents, figure skating mostly focuses on competing with yourself. Last year in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, figure skater Nathan Chen accomplished five quads, which have never been done. Quadruples (quads) occur when the skater jumps up, completes at least four revolutions and has a perfect landing.

People are too quick to judge figure skating, but it does not receive enough credit. This sport is unique and complex. Figure skating can be done by men, women and pairs, whereas other sports do not have all three.

For those who are not intrigued by typical sporting events, figure skating is the perfect option because of its striking artistry.