First-year coach reviews girls’ basketball program

Team focuses on family and tradition


Gracie Gumino

During a regular season game in the auxiliary gym that was moved from the WAC due to a water leak, Head Coach Mrs. Reggen Nelson directs her team.

Jacob Ball, Reporter

Down four, only nine seconds on the clock. The Irish are looking for an answer, a way to complete this storied comeback. Senior Keya Patton winds up with the ball in her hands and instinctively drains a three, but it comes too late. The women’s basketball team fell to Heritage Christian in the first round of the Class 4A Sectional on Jan. 31.

But don’t think the Irish are done yet.

This past season, the women’s basketball team experienced a change in leadership, following the transition by former Head Coach Mr. Ed Freije ‘99 from women’s basketball to men’s baseball. New Head Coach Mrs. Reggen Melson has taken reins of the program, and she is excited about the opportunity to lead this team.

Established success

“Cathedral is known for its excellence,” Melson said, “whether it be in academics, providing a sense of community, service, and obviously athletics. It’s one of the things that first attracted me to Cathedral, and our primary goal is to further this excellence.”

Another key aspect of the team’s future is a strong cast of underclassmen competitors. This past season, the team had multiple underclassmen playing significant roles and minutes, contributing in a variety of ways.

Having a reliable group of girls months before the season starts can only benefit the team, especially given the future teams ahead. Because much of the squad is already known, Coach Melson has been able to provide emphasis on what the team will focus: family and tradition.

Unbreakable bonds

“The first thing I noticed was the true sense of family at Cathedral,” Melson said. “But the greater focus has been on tradition, and what that means to us. We want to set the standards for what our team will accomplish in the future and that all starts with tradition.”

The experience of a full season on the varsity level cannot be overlooked, and is a large component of improving a program. Returning members of the Irish squad include juniors Katherine Gallagher and Maddy Lee; sophomores Nyah Conway, Justis Gordon and Cassie Piper; and freshmen Caroline Cline, Courtney Fields, Mia Finn and Clara Lee.

Melson heads into her second season as head coach next fall.