“Black Panther” thrills from opening to end credits

Film has something for everyone


Sam Haselby, Film Critic

“Black Panther” is one of the most talked about movies of 2018 so far, and with good reason.

Marvel Studios knew what it was doing by releasing the first African American superhero solo film during February, which just happens to be Black History Month. This action and adventure superhero film takes the viewer on a journey full of culture and an abundance of recognition for world problems.

The wardrobe, makeup, artifacts, traditions and accents bring the audience into the eye of (though it be very unrealistic in parts) African culture. This film is full of gorgeous visuals from the ravishing, explosively colorful landscapes that take the audience’s breath away to the radiant blue and violet hue that light the scientific and technological contrast to the rest of Wakanda. This film stuffed breathtaking visuals into every frame of its runtime, so much so that one would need to see it more than once just to appreciate its beauty.

Every film should have something for everyone, and “Black Panther” has done just that flawlessly. For those who like comedy, there are jokes throughout, some of which are not so obvious but are modern references such as the “what are those” line, and some are just the attitude of the characters that have been each deeply developed.

When the viewer is not busy basking in the beauty of the visuals, holding their sides from laughing or balancing on the edge of their seat during the intense action sequences, they are dancing to the most talked about element of this film, the soundtrack. The music in the “Black Panther” is a mix of traditional African chants and modern rap. This goes along with Wakanda itself, parts of which are very traditional and stuffed with typical African culture, and others are futuristic; but somehow these two polar opposites contrast yet blend in a way that only seeing the movie will be able to show others how well it works.

“Black Panther” is nothing but a thrill ride from the opening sequence until the classic Marvel Studios after credit scene cuts to black. It is worth experiencing the perfect blend of captivating ancient and futuristic landscapes and visuals, combined to indulge the audience, over and over again.