Library assistant provides book reviews

Cataldo finds titles that students will enjoy


Mary Stempky

Book recommendations can be found on the reception desk in the library.

Mary Stempky, Reporter

All day students walk in and out of the library. They sit and study. They have whispered conversations and quiet discussions. However, students who choose to visit the circulation desk may encounter books with reviews sticking on or out of them. These reviews are done by library assistant Miss Alannah Cataldo.

According to Cataldo, she said that she started providing the reviews because she finds that when she is recommended a book she gravitates toward it more. “I believe that personal recommendations are a bigger deal than reading the inside cove to know what (a book) is about,”said Cataldo.

Cataldo said that she has had success with students picking up the books from the recommendations. “There has been three or four (students) where I have been sitting (at the desk) and they have come up and a read it and been like oh I need to take this home or I will come back for this tomorrow,” Cataldo said.

However, some people say the dislike reading. Cataldo said that she believes this to some extent because some people may have a hard time focusing on the task. For those who prefer activity, Cataldo has a solution: audiobooks. Cataldo said, “Usually when (students) say (they dislike reading) I recommend they listen to (books) while cleaning their room or driving to and from school or work.”

Recommendations can be found on the circulation desk in the library.