School prepares for statewide drill

First day of spring = severe weather practice


A sign on a bulletin board in a Loretto classroom directs students to their safe location during severe weather.

Catherine Jasper, Editor-in-Chief

One day it is 50 degrees and sunny; the next is 30 and snowing. Welcome to Indiana, and by extension, Indiana weather.

It is because of this weather that the school will conduct a tornado drill on March 20 that will coincide with a statewide drill.

Chief Officer for Student Services Dr. Tom Greer said the drill is mandated by the state and has not changed in many years. “It is important we all practice at the same time because we are all in the building. It is important for teachers to give their students multiple routes to safe areas. It is easier to organize a schoolwide drill because it is at a set time on a set day,” Greer said.

The drill, to take place at 10:15 a.m. on March 20, a Day 2, will see all students, faculty and staff head to their designated safe zones.

Greer said he hopes students understand the reason the school participates in tornado drills. He said, “Students can learn safety techniques at school and they can carry over to their home. Going to the lowest area of the building, staying in a basement or interior closet and protecting your neck and head are all good practices. Take the drill seriously; this is Indiana.”