Senior tennis player, team have one goal: State title

Koscielski will play for Notre Dame next year


Cathedran file photo

Senior Maeve Koscielski returns a volley in a match last spring.

Erin O’Neill, Reporter

For senior Maeve Koscielski, tennis is a family affair. She and her two sisters have become standouts in Cathedral tennis, and dominated the sport in their years on the Hill.

The trio of sisters led the squad to a team State title in the 2016 season and last year, the Irish fell to eventual State champion Carmel in the State semifinals.

Koscielski explained that being on a team and competing with her sisters has brought them together in a unique way. She said, “Playing with my sisters was a lot of fun and really memorable. We are all so close because of tennis and we loved practicing and winning State together.”

Varsity girls’ tennis head coach and history teacher Mr. Mark Noe described how the sisters add a unique element to the team. He said, “They add an essence of you ask them to do something and they always do it. They’re easy to manage, they’re self motivated, and they don’t have to be told ten times what to do, so it’s nice to have that work ethic. That’s a rare thing. They know what it takes to have success and it really shows with the other girls.”

Koscielski said that she considers the highlight of her tennis career so far to be “my sophomore year, winning individual State and team State with my sisters.”

Upcoming season

Koscielski expressed enthusiasm for her final season of high school tennis. She said, “I’m really excited to play for Cathedral again. I feel like we have a really good chance to win State this year.”

Noe, who will be entering his 17th year as head coach this spring, described Koscielski’s success is because of “her willingness to not give up when things aren’t going her way and her foresight to see that it takes time to get really good.”

Noe described that the team’s achievements in recent years are largely due to Koscielski’s presence on the team. He said, “In Maeve’s last three years we’ve (in the State tournament) gotten in the top three every year, and that’s an attribute to her.”

Noe also explained how Koscielski has improved over her high school career. He said, “She’s learned how to control herself and her emotions during tough times, during times when she’s down or up, she’s kept her emotions in check. Obviously though with the four years that she’s played she’s gotten a lot match-tougher, which means that you get used to scenarios and don’t freak out when something happens. She’s able to expect more and able to get over it.”

Koscielski added, “I’m hoping to become a better teammate and leader.”

Make it to State

Koscielski and Noe also share a common goal for the season: making it to the State tournament. Noe said, “The goal obviously as a team is to get back to where we were last year, and that is back to the State Finals again. I know (Koscielski’s) goals for herself and the team, she’s showing leadership, I know she wants to improve her game weekly and get better as the season progresses, and if we can do that then we can really do some damage.“

Koscielski added, “I’m looking forward to hanging out with my teammates and hopefully winning state with them.”

Koscielski’s positive mindset also adds to the team’s dynamic. Noe said, “She’s got a never give up attitude. She’s 100 percent mental as far as keeping it together and stuff like that. She will listen to advice, she’s a good listener and she’s a very good role model with her work ethic at practice.”

Koscielski has committed to play for the University of Notre Dame. She said, “I’ve always wanted to play in college and I have always enjoyed competing. I wanted to play for a school where I could also get a good education.”

Koscielski is optimistic about this change in scenery for her for her first college season. She said, “I’m looking forward to not just playing for myself, but for a whole team as well. I’m excited to meet new people and play for great coaches.”

Noe added, “Notre Dame is lucky to get her as a player and as a student. She will make an instant impact there as soon as she walks in. She’ll be a major asset there once she gets going.”