Students prepare for May 17 talent show

Once rookies, now veterans excited to continue performing


Bella Leous

Sophomore Janay Zak, performing at the multicultural assembly, also plans to participate in the May talent show.

Tommy Callaghan, Web Editor

Though students appreciate the warm weather and sunshine spring brings, there are many cultural staples that remain dear to Old Cathedral. Among others such as Irish 500 and graduation, the talent show remains a favorite.

This show provides an opportunity for students to show off their talents, whether it be music, comedy or anything in between. Though students will see the best performances during the all-school assembly, the main showcase is split between two shows on the night of May 17. Students are welcome to attend either, taking place from 4 to 5:30 p.m. and 7 to 8:30 p.m., with both in the auditorium.

Several students look forward to the chance to perform all year, and many of last year’s participants will take that chance once again.

Sophomore Janay Zak, junior Dominic Quadrini and seniors Kalysta Lee, Ann Mammen and Nicolas Widel are all remembered for their previous performances with Mammen participating in the finals as well as the band comprised of Lee, Quadrini and Widel.

Though the talent show provides entertainment for everyone, the students willing to stand up in front of the entire student body may benefit the most.

Zak said, “Since the talent show, I have opened up more personality wise. Seeing that I had so many people that were supportive helped me develop more confidence in myself.”

Quadrini has felt a similar impact and said, “It has impacted me by allowing me the opportunity to perfect my ability to perform in front of an audience. It’s also a great confidence booster.”

For a number of performers who participated previously, last year marked their first appearance in the talent show.

Mammen said, “I’ve done it once, last year, and doing the talent show has been a fun experience; it’s encouraged me to try different things and put myself out there more.”

Though Zak has performed in multiple assemblies as a freshman, last year was also her first time singing in the talent show.

Others are more experienced, going into their second or third year as participants, such as the trio of Lee, Quadrini and Widel. Though others will have to wait for this year’s show, this band is adding a fourth member, contributing to the atmosphere created by the electric violin, guitar and drums.

For Lee, this has been a special experience. “I wanted to challenge myself to do something outside of my comfort zone. I had done violin performances before, but they were usually smaller crowds or I was performing with other instrumentalists in an orchestra. I’m also pretty shy in real life, so crowds and audiences tend to make me nervous,” Lee said and added, “I wanted to thank (jazz band teacher) Mr. (Steve) Goodman for letting me use his electric violin and giving me musical advice and guidance.”

Others decided to participate for varying reasons. Widel was relaxed and thought, “‘Hey, here’s an opportunity to perform in front of a bunch of people with some cool folks,’ more than than anything else, so I had fun throughout the whole show.”

After a little bit of convincing for Mammen and Zak, they also decided it would be a good opportunity.

For many students, the talent show is a great way to relax and watch classmates. For those classmates performing, though, it can be nearly nerve-wracking. But with each clap and yell, the nerves tend to fade and the talent show remains a spring spectacle.