Lacrosse programs committed to excellence

Players’ and coaches’ dedication increases development


Gracie Gumino

Member of the women’s lacrosse team discuss strategy at a recent game.

Chandler Watson, Sports Co-Editor

As lacrosse is a sport that originated from the native people of North America as a way to show praise and to entertain the gods, it has grown into a sport that in modern day has collegiate teams across the nation and is considered Canada’s national sport.

However, in perspective of modern day sports, it may be less popular in the United States, especially the Midwest. But that continues to change.

The sports has increased in both participation and popularity in Indiana, this is evident here with both the boys’ and girls’ teams winning State titles last year. Women’s varsity Head Coach Ms. Mary Ann White said, “The level of play has increased rapidly through my time playing in high school and even more so since I’ve started coaching. I believe that lacrosse has grown in popularity, so more schools are able to have teams and teach more players. Also, more girls who have played in high school and college are coming back to coach and officiate and are able to bring back the skills and strategies they learned in their own playing experience.”

For with more players who become involved with the sport, the level of play increases, which essentially creates better teams. However, despite the expansion, White said, “I think we have had excellent coaches on both the men’s and women’s sides over the past five plus years that have pushed our athletes and developed our players to improve every season.”

She continues to say that the athletes here are committed to the lacrosse program and many participate in travel teams in order to further their personal development in the off season.

Athletics Director Mr. Doug Seagrave included that he believed another factor in the success of both programs involves the level of competition.  “Both teams make it a point to play out-of-state powerhouses, which I believe not only provides better competition for the teams, but also gives them experience each season leading up to the tournament competing for a State championship.”

Last year’s State titles adds another factor to the program’s successs. “I believe that they show the hard work our athletes put in and the winning attitude all Cathedral athletic programs stand for,” White said.