Face Off: “Thor: Ragnarok” is the best Marvel movie

Face Off: Thor: Ragnarok is the best Marvel movie

Max Wirth, Sports Co-Editor

With Marvel’s longstanding success in entertainment production, movies have became the main stimulant in revenue. The Avengers movies have become favorites worldwide, for the lifelong fan or casual movie-goer. Thor (Chris Hemsworth), a main piece of the Avengers puzzle, has now starred in three of his own movies, with the latest release of “Thor: Ragnarok” becoming an instant classic.

Hemsworth returns in dominant fashion, delivering an epic race against time to battle his all-powerful sister in order to save his homeland of Asgard. The action film is boosted by comedy and wit, providing a platform for non-Marvel addicts to latch on to. The god of thunder stands as a solid, serious warrior throughout previous stand alone movies.

However, director Taika Waititi transforms Thor’s personality into a sunnier and more enjoyable main character.

A refreshing take from “Ragnarok” is the evolution of Thor’s powers. The story line places Thor in the far-off land of Sakaar, but without his hammer. Thor is seen in a new light; he is just another prisoner on this planet awaiting selection in the gladiator games. Throughout his time as any other human, he opens up and shifts the tone in his character’s voice.

The difference in ability creates a flow of comedy, by Hemsworth and fellow cast mates. From immortal god of thunder to prisoner of Sakaar, Thor transcends into a relatable character capable of comedic relief and quick wit.

This planetary garbage dump called Sakaar boasts an epic arena, pitting the planet’s prisoners against each other. Before breaking out and heading home, Thor meets an old friend, the Incredible Hulk. After their initial battle in the ring, Mark Ruffalo returns in a revitalizing role. The intellect of  Bruce Banner gears the team’s breakout from captivity and opens up a common friendship between Avengers.

With any high quality cinematic production, a killer soundtrack is present to engage the crowd and pump the movie from scene to scene. Mark Mothersbaugh produces an incredible original set list for the film. In addition, “Immigrant Song” plays twice: in the opening scene and at the climatic final battle. The tune electrifies, a true testament to action-packed fighting. Thor flies, bounces, and beams with Led Zeppelin screaming out from under him.