Face Off: “Spiderman Homecoming” is the best Marvel movie

Face Off: Spiderman Homecoming is the best Marvel movie

Catherine Jasper, Co-editor in Chief

One of the highlights of 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War” was seeing Spider-Man make his first appearance in the connected storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception. This joy increased exponentially when the character received his own movie: “Spider-Man Homecoming” in July 2017.

Without getting into years of a Marvel and Sony feud, having not only one but multiple appearances of Spider-Man in the MCU is an unexpected, yet appreciated, surprise. One of the main reasons “Spider-Man Homecoming” worked was the casting of the titular role.

Tom Holland was 19 when he learned he was cast as Spider-Man. This is so important because it much easier to believe a 19-year-old is a high school sophomore rather than a 25- or even 30-year-old. Besides his age, Holland is an amazing actor and he perfectly personifies the goofy, brilliant, devoted-to-justice attitude of Peter Parker.

This leads to another argument for “Spider-Man Homecoming,” namely, the writing. In the previous incarnations of the “Spider-Man” films, lots of time is devoted to backstory and exposition.

In “Homecoming,” the writers, directors and actors spend this previously wasted time on crafting a captivating and likable story. The makers of “Homecoming” rightly believe audiences would rather see Spider-Man slinging around New York, helping others (even if it is just giving an old woman directions) rather than rehashing a story most moviegoers are at least familiar with.

Another nice surprise was the villain.

Instead of being some large maniac obsessed with ending the world, The Vulture is just trying to provide for his family and rebuild after a terrible event hit his city. This fact makes him the perfect villain for Peter. He is known for keeping his city safe, so giving a villain that threatens this is perfect. That’s not to say I am not excited to see him in tomorrow’s Infinity War.

In this argument, there is no denying. “Spider-Man Homecoming” is the best Marvel movie, if for no other reason than having one of the best end-credit scenes.