Face Off: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is the best Marvel movie

Face Off: Guardians of the Galaxy is the best Marvel movie

Erin O'Neill

Everyone loves an underdog, and that’s exactly what “Guardians of the Galaxy” is. Marvel and Disney Studios took a gamble when they decided to make this lesser-known, quirky comic into a film. From its lovable group of oddball misfits, to its amazing soundtrack, “Guardians of the Galaxy” is a film that makes itself known among Marvel’s most beloved movies.

With the release of this movie, came the release of fresh, funny and unique characters that had not previously been a well-known part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unlike most superhero movies, there isn’t just one hero, there are several. The star-studded cast adds to this, another thing that makes “Guardians of the Galaxy” Marvel’s best movie.


It is a strong collection of actors who all perfectly embody and portray the roles of characters who were basically unknown to anyone before the movie came out. This film managed to make a lovable character out of a tree human who only has a vocabulary of three words. If that isn’t genius, I don’t know what is. These previously unknown characters have now become beloved staples in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the talented actors that brought them to life.

One of the biggest reasons that “Guardians of the Galaxy” deserves the title of best Marvel movie is because of the amazing soundtrack. It is packed with iconic tunes from the past and makes for a unique background to some of the most action-packed parts of the movie

One more awesome part of “Guardians of the Galaxy” is that someone watching it doesn’t need much prior knowledge of the Marvel Universe. Unlike other Marvel movies such as “Iron Man” and characters like Tony Stark, Thor and Captain America, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and its characters are strong enough to stand alone and tell their own story unlike many other Marvel movies that seem to be confusingly connected to each other.

For these reasons and many more, “Guardians of the Galaxy” should be considered Marvel’s best film.