AP and IB exams take place in final weeks

Students prepare for challenging tests


Tommy Callaghan, Web Editor

Just as sophomores and a limited number of juniors took the ISTEP last week, many students from all grades will take AP and IB exams. Though upcoming finals may cause stress, students will first have to finish the AP and IB exams that will take place over the next two weeks. Testing will be split into morning and afternoon sessions.

But these are not typical standardized tests, such as the SAT and ISTEP.

English teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Van Wienen said, “I feel that the IB tests are extremely different than a typical standardized test in that they provide you with an opportunity to show what you have learned rather than force you into four possible answers. Every IB course has at least one written examination that allows students to explain his/her knowledge.”

However, because students are expected to recall so much information, these can be challenging. As a piece of advice, Van Wienen continued, “Advice for underclassmen would be to read with the intent of finding a connection. If you do this, you will seek understanding. A second overall tip is the importance of backing one’s ideas with evidence.”

Though AP exams will also push students, it is important to remember all the work they put in throughout the year preparing for this test.

Below is a schedule of all the exams in the coming weeks.

AP/IB Testing May 2018

Morning Afternoon
Mon, April 30 No tests No tests
Tues, May 1 No tests Econ SL paper 1 – 1h 30m
Wed, May 2 Econ SL paper 2 – 1h 30m Math SL paper 1 – 1h 30m
Thurs, May 3 Math SL paper 2 – 1h 30m Music HL/SL paper 1 – 2h
Fri, May 4 No tests No tests
——————- —————————————- ————————————————
Mon, May 7 No tests


Spanish Literature and Culture

Lang A HL paper one – 2h

Lang A SL paper one – 1h 30m


Tues, May 8 Lang A HL paper two – 2h

Lang A SL paper two – 1h 30m

Spanish Language and Culture

HOA paper 1 – 1h

HOA paper 2 – 1h 30m

Art History

Wed, May 9 HOA paper 3 – 2h 30m

English Literature and Composition

German SL paper 1- 1h 30m

Dutch SL paper 1 – 1h 30m

Latin HL paper 1 – 1h 30m

Latin SL paper 1 – 1h 15m

Thurs, May 10 German SL paper 2- 1h 30m

Dutch SL paper 2 – 1h

Latin HL paper 2 – 2h

Latin SL paper 2 – 1h 30m

United States Gov. and Pol.

Physics HL paper 1 – 1h

Physics HL paper 2 – 2h 15m

Physics SL paper 1 – 45m

Physics SL paper 2 – 1h 15m

SEHS SL paper 1 – 45m

SEHS SL paper 2 – 1h 15m

Chinese Language and Culture

Environmental Science

Fri, May 11 Physics HL paper 3 – 1h 15

Physics SL paper 3 – 1h

SEHS SL paper 3 – 1h

German Language and Culture

US History

Psychology HL/SL paper 1 – 2h

Computer Science Principles

*Digital Portfolios for Studio Arts

——————- —————————————- ————————————————
Mon, May 14 Psychology HL paper 2 – 2h

Psychology HL paper 3 – 1h

Psychology SL paper 2 – 1h


Music Theory

Biology HL paper 1 – 1h

Biology HL paper 2 – 2h 15m

Tues, May 15 Biology HL paper 3 – 1h 15

Calculus AB

Calculus BC

Spanish B SL paper 1 – 1h 30m

Computer Science A

French Language and Culture

Wed, May 16 Spanish B SL paper 2 – 1h 30m

English Language and Comp

Chemistry HL paper 1 – 1h

Chemistry HL paper 2 – 2h 15m


Thurs, May 17 Chemistry HL paper 3 – 1h 15

World History

French B HL paper 1 – 1h 30m

French B SL paper 1 – 1h 30m


Fri, May 18 French B HL paper 2 – 1h 30m

French B SL paper 2 – 1h 30m


No tests

European History