Senior carries on storied Cathedral tradition

Daniel Jamell’s irish blood runs deep


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Senior Daniel Jamell at an event earlier this school year.

Max Wirth, Sports Co-Editor

The Jamell family tree has grown out of Cathedral. Donny Stephenson ‘64, Dave Stephenson ‘65, Danny Stephenson ‘70 and Dennis Stephenson ‘71 all graduated from Cathedral High School during its downtown years. These Irishmen are uncles of Mr. Steve Jamell ‘85. His mother, Diane Moore ‘67, attended Saint Agnes. Jamell has three sons, all in or out of the Cathedral system.

These roots run deep.

Steve Jamell has had the most contact with the school in a diverse array. “I have experienced Cathedral in a variety of ways: as a student, as a coach, as alumni relations director in the early 90’s and now as a parent. It is a part of our family and I’m not sure what it would be like if we didn’t have our Cathedral connections,” he said. Jamell ran cross country and was a captain of the baseball team as a senior.

Jamell is glad to have his kids move through his alma mater. “The lessons they have learned are worth the cost. I am excited that they are getting a chance to make lifelong friends just as I was able to do. Funny thing is some of their friends are kids of people I went through Cathedral with,” he said.

Nick Jamell graduated in 2013. Daniel, the leprechaun, is a senior and has a freshman brother, Gabe. Steve played baseball and attended the University of Southern Indiana where he met his wife, Mrs. Kimberly Jamell, who became a Spanish teacher here.

“Steve and I met in college and we moved up here after we got married. I taught here from 1993 to 1995. Then I came back in 2007,” she said.

Leprechaun in the lineage

Daniel was selected to lead the Senior Class and student body as leprechaun this school year. Becoming the leprechaun means embodying the values of the school. In result, the Jamell parents welcomed their son’s opportunity with open arms and display a deal of pride in him.

“I guess we have a lot of spirit and we have loved it forever so it’s not a total shocker,” Mrs. Jamell said. “My first response was true excitement. I didn’t want to put pressure on him, so I played it low key. I told him he didn’t have to do it if he didn’t want to. The duty of leprechaun is difficult,” she said. The leprechaun attends nearly every sporting event, donning the old Irish get-up the fan base is so fond of.

Mr. Jamell is proud of his son because of the true honor being leprechaun is.

“There is only one per year,” he said. “When I think of the shy kid he was when he entered Cathedral, it doesn’t seem to be the same kid we watch now on game nights,” he explained.

Mrs. Jamell said, “It has given him more confidence. He’s grown as a leader and it brings out his passion and loyalty. It’s how our family rolls. He’s a die hard Irish.” That is what Cathedral does; the school transforms kids, pushing them to reach full potential and molding strong character. It helps people figure out their strengths and gives them the opportunity to utilize them.

“Nick didn’t really fit the profile,” Mrs. Jamell said, “but Gabe won’t be playing football after his freshman year so I think he might have a shot (at leprechaun). The freshmen made him the leprechaun during homecoming for their hallway. We are all crazy at sporting events. There’s a history of being kicked out of sporting events,” she explained with a laugh.

Strong will and fiery spirit

Daniel’s captivating aura has been electric throughout the school year. “Every once in awhile I get nervous and come close to texting (senior) Will Duffy to make sure he keeps Daniel in check,” she said. The heat of competition can reach the student section with Daniel rallying the troops. Luckily, she has Dr. Greer to guide him. However, “both of us were a tiny bit nervous about Daniel being close to the referees on the floor for basketball season,” she said.

The current holder of the position wants to emulate the vibe of his predecessors. “With going to Cathedral games and events all my life, I’d seen guys like Matt Renie and the passion that he had for Cathedral. So if I can display that same kind of passion, I think that’s a pretty special thing,” Daniel said.

It’s difficult to bottle the raw emotions of a passionate Irishman, especially when his bloodline descends from the school. The institution that is Cathedral is instilled within the entire Jamell family, past and present.