Meet the new leprechaun

McNulty provides details about his selection, plans


Photo submitted

Michael McNulty, third from right, just a few moments before he was introduced as the school’s newest leprechaun.

Megaphone Staff

At the Irish 500 assembly, rising senior Michael McNulty was introduced  as next year’s leprechaun. A few days later, he replied to an email with questions about taking on this role.

Did you have an idea that you might be selected? Why? “I knew I was in the running for it, but our class has many individuals with school spirit. I thought that it could’ve have gone to others, but I’m excited to be the leprechaun.”

When and how did you find out that you had been selected as next year’s leprechaun? “I found out I was the leprechaun two weeks before the (Irish 500) assembly. (Former leprechaun Daniel) Jamell ’18 and I met at Panera, and he told me there.”

What was your initial reaction when you found out? “When I first found out the excitement didn’t hit me, but when the shock was gone I was super exited.”

Who did you tell first? Why? “I told my mom and dad first, but the first student I told was (rising senior) Stuart Gomez, because he’s a trustworthy individual.”

What advice did Daniel Jamell ’18 give you about being a successful leprechaun? “The best advice Jamell gave me was don’t let others drag me down.”

What about serving as the leprechaun are you most excited for? “I’m most excited for the football games. Those are the games that most people go to and the environment is electrifying.”

The McNultys have a long history at Cathedral High School. How does your selection add to your family’s legacy? “My great grandpa went to Cathedral and was a part of the first all four-year graduating class at Cathedral. I believe me being the leprechaun is something I will tell my kids, just like my dad told me about my great grandpa.”

Anything else our readers would be interested in that you would like to add? “I’m hoping next year’s student section will be considered the best student section Cathedral has (ever) seen.”