Delaney named assistant athletics director

Coach will continue as men’s varsity basketball head


Annika Garwood

Assistant Athletics Director Mr. Jason Delaney works in his office during G period on Aug. 23

Annika Garwood, Sports Editor

A new but familiar face has joined the athletics department within the first weeks of the new school year. Mr. Jason Delaney, the current men’s basketball coach and former business teacher, has been named the assistant athletics director.

Delaney previously served as the athletics director at Arsenal Tech before he came here. In an interview over email, Delaney said that he “always enjoyed the job and the interaction with student-athletes. I enjoyed learning about other sports and supporting them in what they needed to be successful.”

The duties of the job include the scheduling of athletic facilities and games, composing and reading contracts, hiring officials, supervising events and several other tasks related to running one of the state’s most successful interscholastic athletics program. 

Delaney will continue to coach the men’s basketball team during the winter. When asked about juggling to duties of his new position and coaching a varsity team, Delaney said it was all about time management. He explained he would do both jobs to the best of his ability. “We have outstanding assistants with the boys’ basketball program and (Athletics Director Mr. Rick) Streiff is awesome to work with in the athletics department because he knows the demands of both jobs.” Streiff was the varsity football coach before assuming the role as athletics director this year. 

In an email, Streiff wrote, “Delaney brings a wealth of knowledge to our office.” He also said that the athletics office had looked to fill the position after the former athletics director, Mr. Doug Seagrave, moved to Arizona.

Delaney said he hopes that in the new position he will be able to help more individuals. “I’m really excited to work with the coaches and student-athletes to support them and to see many of them achieve their dreams. The student sections really make the events more exciting, so I hope to see them at the home events.”