‘Happytime Murders’: Funny, but hardly kid friendly

Definitely not a Muppet movie, so be forewarned


Samuel Haselby , Film Critic

Everyone who grew up watching a show or a movie series that is made for children has one thought cross their mind at least once. “What would this be like if it were made for adults?”

“The Happy Time Murders,” which hit theaters on Aug. 24,takes this question and answers it in a remarkably crude manner. When the trailer for this film was released, every teen and adult alike who had grown up watching “The Muppets” and “Sesame Street” were eager to see a puppet movie just for them.

This raunchy film has much more to offer than just its comically brilliant twist on the puppet film medium. Itoffers an intriguing mystery for the audience to solve. In between mind puzzling possibilities of who the viewer thinks could be committing the murders, plot twists that make each of those options seem impossible, and lotsof silly string, there is a story that makes this more than a puppet movie.

There is character development that drags the viewer through each character’s past to make him or her seem more than just a felt and string sock puppet. This movie has mystery that sprinkles each of the glittering answers out for you within each scene. And the only reason to miss them is because the viewers eyes are either filled with tears from laughing or distracted by something on screen they never thought a cute puppet would do.

If that is not reason enough to go see this tail flip of a film, the ending is one that is not expected, but very much hinted at throughout. Within it there is just about everything, such as comedy goldmines such as Melissa McCarthy and Leslie David Baker (who plays beloved Stanley Hudson in “The Office”), unexpected plot twists, mini jump scares for the scary movie fans and most importantly there are plenty of scenes that remind the viewer clearly that this is no Muppet movie.