Early admission now an option

Class of 2023 is first group eligible


RJ O'Neal

The admission office, located in Kelly Hall, has rolled out its early admissions option for the Class of 2023.

Madi Wirth , Reporter

After once being the last private school in the area to admit students for the following school year, an early admissions process has now been implemented and as an option for current eighth-graders, the Class of 2023.

Decisions will be mailed on Nov. 19 and make their way to prospective students compared to the typical mid-February.

Mr. Duane Emery, vice president for enrollment management, said the change was for two realities: the loss of impending students who committed while waiting for Cathedral to inform them of their admissions status and simply the desire to let families know sooner.

The process itself has no difference in comparison to years prior, beginning with submitting an application, conducting interviews and finally mailing decisions. Interviews will still occur. Emery said, “(The interviews are) incredibly valuable for getting to know a student as a human being. They are much more than their transcripts, placement test scores and recommendation letters.” Interviews for early applicants are set for Oct. 14.

Advantages in early enrollment, other than knowing choice of high school sooner, include a student’s chance to become involved during the winter and a possible decrease of stress for families. Emery even joked about the chance for eighth-graders to receive Cathedral apparel as Christmas gifts.

The early admissions process does allow for current eighth graders to show their academic ability. Transcripts for the new process include only seventh grade and one quarter from eighth grade. The new process is not required for aspiring candidates and they can choose to go through the typical admissions process if they prefer.

Emery said he sees few negatives to offering this option. These factors for him and his team include a greater work load in a busy fall season of setting up the shadow schedule and putting on Open House. He also said this year will also be full of trial and error in their first year of early admissions.

Early enrolled or accepted applicants will not miss the opportunity to shadow or attend the Open House. These students can participate just as they would have done in earlier years, Emery said.