Repaving, restriping among summer projects

Students encouraged to help keep campus clean, beautiful


Will Browning

The circle at the top of the Hill was repaved and restriped as one of several summer maintenance projects.

Caitlin O'Connor, Reporter

As is the case every summer, the vacation allowed time for several improvements to the school facilities to be completed.

Overseen by Vice President of Operations Mr. Jim McLinn ’70, the maintenance and repairs included the replacement of the speed bumps and “the repair/repaving/restriping of the driveway and Welch parking lot,” officially known as Parking Lot S, according to an email from McLinn during the first week of September.

In recent years, students would often speed up the Hill, and the minimal speed bumps worn down and had little effect. They were originally the standard 20-mile-per-hour size, as suggested by the paving industry for the maximum speed limit of school driveways.

McLinn wrote, “Over the course of time, traffic flow and snow plowing causes a reduction in height.” The new speed bumps will slow traffic, but will eventually need to be replaced just like the old ones as they are gradually worn down.

The Welch parking lot, informally known as the senior lot, is now slightly less senior this year. The pavement was completely redone, and when it was restriped, a fraction of student parking was taken away to make availability for faculty and staff. As a result, some seniors who applied for S Lot parking passes were denied and placed in either lots C or H.

McLinn said that possible future projects for the school include the repaving and striping of other parking lots on campus, repairing building roofs and rectifying drainage issues.

McLinn said, “We always ask the students help, with a sense of pride for our school, to keep our campus beautiful.”

On area that will not be changed, McLinn said, is the courtyard. There are no plans to build there, as this is one of the few usable natural grass areas on the campus.