New vice principal outlines goals for the year

Policy changes will benefit everyone, Kubuske says


Will Browning

Mr. Jere Kubuske talks to seniors Ava Beloat and Katherine Gallagher during lunch in the cafeteria.

Zach Gregor, Reporter

With this new school year comes new teachers, new policies and this year even a new vice principal.

Mr. Jere Kubuske, a former and veteran biology teacher, both here and formerly at Ben Davis High School, has taken on the responsibility of vice principal of student affairs. Kubuske described what inspired him to want to take on the major responsibility of being the new vice principal. He said, “I felt like I wanted to be able to have an impact on not just the 120 kids I saw every day, but the 1,200 students that come in to school every day. I wanted to get to help people without them ever knowing they were being helped.” 

Kubuske said, “I’m not looking for praise. I just like the idea of  making people feel good and not necessarily knowing where it came from.”

Kubuske then shared the biggest differences between being a teacher and serving as a vice principal. He said, “When you’re a teacher you get to control your environment, you make plans for the day, you kind of know the routine. In a lot of ways it’s like acting. You have your script that you follow every day, whereas (my new job) every day is an adventure.”

Kubuske said he is dedicated on trying to make the school the best it can be. 

He said his goal involves making the school a more welcoming environment for all students no matter what grade level. He said, “We want to make Cathedral an overall positive experience. Coming to Cathedral every day should be an experience. We want everyone to feel welcome, everyone to be embraced and I want everyone on this campus to be known, loved and served by every grown up and student on this campus, and all the things we’ve been doing and the changes that have been made is with that in mind.” 

With Kubuske taking on the role of vice principal of student affairs, the position filled by Dr. Thomas Greer for many years, some might wonder about Greer’s new responsibilities.

Kubuske was able to elaborate on this by saying that Greer is now in charge of safety and security aspects such as fire and reunification drills. He is also working with peer mentors and freshman resources to help the freshmen and the peer mentors to have the best experience possible. 

While students adjust to new policies, with the required wearing of color-coded lanyards receiving the most discussion, Kubuske said he understands where students come from, but he emphasized that everything was done with intent to make the school safer and more welcoming. He said he wants the student body to know that he is always open for conversation and suggestions. He said, “My door and my mind are always open.”