StuCo ready for annual spirit week

Homecoming events set for Sept. 24-28


Ava Amos

Spanish teacher Mrs. Kim Jamell said she uses various strategies to keep her online students focused.

Ava Amos, Reporter

Spirit Week, which starts on Sept. 24 and ends on Sept. 28, is just around the corner and every class is in it to win it.

Spirit Week involves each class competing against each other and trying to rack up as many spirit points as it can. Every class has its own theme and decorates a specific hallway based on that theme.  There are also a daily themes throughout the week. All students can dress up for the theme of the day. “(StuCo) all bring ideas to a meeting and brainstorm. Then we voted,” Spanish teacher Mrs. Kim Jamell, who serves as one of the council’s faculty moderators, wrote in an email.

Those daily themes: Meme Day, Sept. 24; Tacky Tourist, Sept. 25; juniors and seniors are senior citizens/freshmen and sophomores are babies, Sept. 26; All-Out Irish, Sept. 27; and then class themes on Homecoming, Sept. 28.

The class officers and their adult class moderators think up the class themes, Jamell said. Students can get points for dressing up and it counts for their class. Each day during Spirit Week, teachers in specific periods will tabulate how many students actually put in an effort to dress up. Those points then go in for the class’s points toward the spirit stick.

Who wins the spirit stick is based off of how each class does in each of the categories. “The judges are people who understand Cathedral but do not have any connection to any kids in any grade,” Jamell said in an email.

She also said that she has a tally sheet running all week and that’s how class points are tracked. There are other ways to earn spirit points, however. For example, students could also attend school events and participate in activities, such as the Homecoming dance, hallway decorating and raffle ticket sales.

Finally, it all comes down to Sept. 28 when all of the points are tallied and it’s determined which class takes home the stick. If there would be a tie, then the tie breaker would be the amount of service hours completed by each of the grades. If one class accumulates the most spirit points, then that class wins the spirit stick and continues one of the school’s many storied traditions.