Face Off: Lanyards are a great resource for students


Megan Moriarty, Reporter

Why I love the lanyards. I like the lanyards and think that they are a positive change to our school. In years past I never knew where my keycard was. I would lose it for months on end. It would be a regular occurrence that people would get locked out of buildings, I would even get locked outside in the rain praying that someone would come and open the door for me.

Everyone’s key cards would get lost in their backpacks and they would have to empty out half of their backpack just to be able to walk inside the building. 

In past years if a student did not have their key cards the cafeteria staff would have to look up their last name before the student could pay. By having our lanyards easily it saves us and them time. 

The lanyards are also nice because they are color coordinated based on grade. It was really helpful, especially during the first week of school, to be able to tell who the freshmen were and if they needed any help. The students also feel safer with the lanyards. 

It is a relief to know that everyone who enters the school either has to go in through the front office or has to wear a lanyard. It makes it faster and easier to identify a person who is not supposed to be in the school. With the increase in gun violence within schools, it is refreshing to know that Cathedral is taking measures to increase our schools safety. 

They can also help when trying to learn names. They have the names printed boldly and largely so it is easy for everyone to be able to read. 

It was especially helpful for the seniors who did not know the freshmen’s names. They also allow teachers to be able to easily identify students. The lanyards allow all of us to get to know each other better. 

Students love to complain and they hate change. That is the biggest reason behind any push back from students. Some students might say that it is unfair that we have to pay for a new lanyard if it gets lost. However this teaches students responsibility and forces them to take ownership over their own belongings. 

Students are also upset that the plastic part of their lanyard is breaking, however this is a quick fix. All students have to do is take a trip to technology and they are able to hole punch the persons ID. 

They can also be fun. Students have the chance to put pins on their lanyards which is a great way to express themselves and be creative. 

At the end of the day the lanyards are not a life changing event, they are a small adjustment that we need to get used to.