Participants fired up for annual powderpuff games

Championship contest set for Sept. 29 during Homecoming


Cathedran file photo

Powerpuff is a tradition that occurs every year during Homecoming.

Jackson Hern, Reporter

With the Spirit Week festivities well underway, the school awaits the culmination of all the fun on Sept. 28, when no classes will meet and Homecoming will be celebrated.

One of the highlights of that day is powderpuff football finals. Every year during Homecoming week, student-organized teams of girls, coached by volunteer Irish football players and facilitated by Mrs. Linda Bamrick, compete in a week-long flag football tournament until the sole victor is left standing.

On Sept. 28, set in between the numerous other celebrations, the final two teams will compete for all of the glory. Over the years, it has become one of the school’s more popular traditions, as the entire school gathers on the football field to cheer on their friends.

 “I think it’s a blast and a great opportunity to teach the great game of football to a new group of people and go compete,” said junior coach and varsity football player Will Goheen. The finals bring competition between the classes, heightened by the quest to win the spirit stick, to a head.

Senior Cassie Kronenburger said about this year’s competition, “We are super excited to play at Homecoming and so determined to win.”