Counselors add new staff member

Do you know the Muffin man — we mean, dog?


Zack Gregor

Counselor Mrs. Mary Hemer posses with the newest member of the counseling department.

Zack Gregor, Reporter

The newest addition to the counseling staff, Muffin has joined us this year. Muffin is a brand new therapy dog and is known to love and give kisses to everyone she meets. Her owner, school counselor Mrs. Mary Hemer, will be helping Muffin earn her therapy dog certification as well as transporting her to and from the campus.

Hemer said, “Muffin is here to allow students to be able to take their mind off of the stress or anxiety of their daily life. Muffin acts as a really good pick me up that can really help on a rough day.”

Muffin will typically be on campus on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She will alternate between the councilors offices that she will stay in. This is to allow more students to utilize and experience her love. In case you are wanting to see Muffin, her location is always posted on a sign hung on the councilors office door frame. 

As for who will care for Muffin during her days roaming the campus, that will be the job of the student club that will assist Muffin with her daily tasks. Their responsibilities include taking her on walks, letting her out, refilling water, giving her treats and other related activities. The moderator of this club will be her owner of Muffin: Hemer, who is currently working on making this club official.

For those of you wondering if Muffin will be visiting classrooms just as Finn did, you’ll be happy to hear she will. If you would like to have Muffin come to a classroom, let Hemer, counselor Mrs. Anne Katz or Vice Principal Mr. Jere Kubuske know.