Two students have their art selected for display

Cultural Arts Gallery, Arts Center will provide venues


Photo submitted

Jade Miller’s art will be displayed at two public venues later this school year. This is a cropped image of her complete work.

Nic Napier , Opinion Editor

On Dec. 1 through Dec. 5 at the Cultural Arts Gallery and on Feb. 8 through March 17 at the Indianapolis Arts Center, the Scholastic Art Regional Traveling Exhibition will be on full display as some of the most creative and noteworthy art from Central and Southern Indiana will be presented to the public. 

This event is not just special for the works that will be displayed, but two student artists will have their works front and center at the exhibition. Both junior Jade Miller’s work, “Lily Pods,” and senior Caitlin O’Connor’s “Lucky Dog” were selected to be shown at this event. Only 21 pieces of student work in this region were selected. 

Miller said in reference to her art being chosen that “it is nice to know that other people are enjoying it as well,” she said. She said she was excited to be selected because this was her first year to receive an award for this particular exhibition. She added that “Lilly Pods” was her first time producing a piece using charcoal, and it may be what she continues to do in the future.

Her inspiration came from a lily pod in art teacher Mr. Jon Kane’s classroom. She said it looked like the perfect drawing, and Kane said she should go for it since it would be her first charcoal piece.

“It’s kind of like a runner’s high (when drawing). You are not thinking about anything, just doing it,” Miller said. 

Kane wrote in an email that “having work selected to represent some of the best student art in Central and Southern Indiana is quite an honor, and a testament to the artistic skill and accomplishment of these students.”

These artworks were already displayed at the Indianapolis Art Garden from Sept. 3 through Sept. 29, so they have been viewed by the public before the December event.