Face Off: Crunch Bars are the best Halloween candy

Quinn Leous, Reporter

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When I think of Halloween, I think of a few things, cool fall weather, kids in crazy costumes, and Crunch Bars. Crunch bars are hands down the best candy out there on the market. The awesome “crunch” it makes in your mouth and the delicious flavor culminates in one amazing candy bar. What more could you want from a single piece of candy?

When I opened my trick-or-treat bag as a kid, and saw a bunch of blue Crunch wrappings, I knew that I had made out well that Halloween night. If I opened my bag, to not find a single Crunch bar, the night had basically been wasted to just get some classic old M and M’s and maybe some Snickers. To put it in perspective, a Crunch bar is essentially a highly upgraded version of the classic Hershey’s candy bar.

If something is able to one up a Hershey’s chocolate bar, then it must be one of the best-taking candies on the planet. I can’t wait for this coming Halloween, so I have an excuse to indulge in those irresistible bars of chocolate. If I can’t wait that long, I may just have to drop by a Rickers sometime soon.

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