Teams spring back into action

Lacrosse teams start workouts now for next season


Cathedran file photo

Returning members of the women’s lacrosse team have begun workouts for the spring season.

Caroline Buhner, Reporter

As fall sports are winding down and with their seasons coming to an end the spring sports are just now getting back into the swing. Both men’s and women’s lacrosse teams have started to take part in workouts and training beginning after school, even though the start of their season is still months away.

Right now the practices are not mandatory because multiple fall sports are still going on but when the season openers approach, these sessions will be required. Freshman Isabel A’Hearn said she thinks these are beneficial because they get the athletes in shape before the season starts. The women’s lacrosse team, which finished last season as State runner-up, has met up to three times a week to train to build muscles and strength.

Sophomore and team member Becca Richey said, “I think this helps in multiple ways because it means you can work on your skills for the season but it is also helping us grow together as a team.”