Film review: “Venom”

Ignore the so-called experts and give the movie a try


Samuel Haselby, Film Critic

Marvel has been taking over cinemas with much anticipated films such as “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” and “Deadpool 2.”

Their money train of movies is not slowing down, with the release earlier this month of “Venom.” First and foremost, this movie has been ridiculed by critics, made evident by its whopping 31 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That being said, after all of the backlash, something interesting is happening. The audience approval rating is now above 80 percent. Why is this happening? Why do the critics hate what the viewers love?

Understanding the reason behind the disapproval from the critics is a little difficult. As for the audience’s approval, that’s easier to understand.

“Venom,” is a film that each and every viewer will have fun seeing. The film’s main leverage is delivered from Hollywood pretty boy Tom Hardy. Hardy’s charisma helps the comic book fans get over all of the differences from the comic book version of the Venom character. The only reason that the critics have given this film a negative review is because of this fact.

The Venom from Stan Lee’s magnificent world that he created and the Venom in the film are not markedly different, but different enough to cause a rumbly in the tumbly of hardcore critics. That being said, “Venom” is absolutely worth at least one view. It is a beautifully made action film with perfect comic relief and even a love story in which the audience becomes involved.

One of the only problems this film faces is how easily the symbiote, Venom, changes his mind. The symbiote starts his part as a villainous creature that wants to bring the rest of his kind to Earth and wipe out the human race. But near the end of the film, he experiences a quick change of conscience and decides to save the world instead.

If the viewers are able to look past the changes, and that one and only case of slightly lazy writing, the rest of the film conveys a consistent and delightful personality that makes it an enjoyable. Hopefully the writers will be able to correct some minor errors in their next film, which was hinted at in the end credit scene.

With the sequel’s introduction of everyone’s second favorite symbiote, Carnage (who will be played by the crazed actor Woody Harrelson), there is good chance and opportunities for improvements to be made.