New math teacher reflects on his experience

Miller serves as math instructor, freshman basketball coach


Lila Welch

Mr. Jimmy Miller became a member of the Irish family when he joined the math department in August.

Lila Welch, Reporter

Every year new students come to high school, but what people may not realize is almost every year the Irish family adds someone new to our staff and faculty. 

One of the new teachers this year is Mr. Jimmy Miller. He teaches math and he has classes with freshmen and juniors. Before joining the faculty here, Miller taught at Emmerich Manual High School in Indianapolis on the South Side.

Miller attended Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and decided there that he wanted to be a teacher. Miller said, “I enjoy helping and teaching people because I believe it benefits society.” He decided he wanted to teach math or science and ended up teaching math at Cathedral. 

Miller said, “Teaching at Cathedral is go great.” Miller said he enjoys the community and how nice everyone is. Miller will coach the freshman basketball team and said he looks forward to the official start of the season.