Liturgy committee prepares for Nov. 1 Mass

Fr. Jeff Godecker will serve as celebrant


Cathedran file photo

Senior Jack Hutchens, far left, will be among the students participating in the Nov. 1 All Saints’ Day Mass in the Welch Activity Center.

Ava Amos, Reporter

In the Catholic Church one of the purposes of the Nov. 1 All Saints’ Day Mass is to counteract the effect of Halloween the day before. During Mass in the Welch Activity Center, Fr. Jeff Godecker will focus his comments during his homily on the juxtaposition of these two days.

“We do it to ward out all that evil,” Mrs. Charlene Witka, director of campus mMinistry said.

The school conducts Masses on any days of obligation, and the All Saints’ Day Mass on Nov. 1 falls into that category. The Mass is celebrated the day after Halloween, or “All Hallow’s Eve,” because Halloween is like the “eve” of All Saints’ Day or All Hallow’s Day. The All Saints’ Day celebration is self-explanatory; it’s a celebration of all the Saints.

Students who are members of the liturgy planning committee who will are involved in the Nov. 1 Mass are listed.

Readers: Colin O’Dell, Will A’Hern, Conner Gianoli, Conner Helman, Aris Inkrott, Caroline Steiger and Megan Moriarity;

Ushers: Isabelle A’Herns, Sam Tuttle, Emma Orcutt, Anya Neumeister, Kyleigh Braun, Aris Inkrott, Justis Gordon, Megan Moriarty, Anthony DeSanto, Jacob Graff and Gia Peduto;

Eucharistic ministers: Kennedy Miller, Allen Langdon, Anna Pohl, Anabel Konesco, Anthony DeSanto, Ashley Mwonya, Bobby Welch, Catie O’Connor, Elizabeth Murphy, Emily Timberman, Emma Doyle, Emma Orcutt, Evan Davis, Gillian Cridge, Gillian Ginnan, Nandi Hawkins, Grace Kowalevsky, Grant Clark, Izzy Sweeney, Jack Hutchens, Jenna Helmen, JJ Lay, Katie Carr, Katie Kelley, Katie Rushka, Kiernan McCormick, Kristen Day, Kyle Cortner, Marco Rebolledo and Stuart Gomez.