Holiday Club celebrates Halloween

Five senior girls lead organization


Nick Bozzelli-Levine

During flex on Oct. 30, members of the Holiday Club celebrated Halloween by dancing to “Thriller.”

Nick Bozzelli-Levine, Reporter

The Holiday Club kicked off its first meeting of the year as members celebrated Halloween. They snacked on cookies, listened to Halloween music like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and even made Halloween cards for Westminster Village facility residents.

This particular club made its school year debut on Oct. 30 in Room 4244. It’s run by five seniors, Maggie Garcia, Jenna Helmen, Lauren Helmen, Claire Kinder and Cassandra Kronenberger. They seemed enthusiastic about their club and delighted to have their group made known.

This club has celebrated on the Hill for a few years now. “This is the third year,” Garcia said. Lauren Helmen said that this club meets about eight times each year around major holidays. The five seemed to agree that they were all looking forward to the Christmas meeting. “We love Christmas!” said Kinder. “You can decorate your own cookies.”

Every club here has a special purpose, a main reason for all of its attendees to come. For the Holiday Club, it is to do small things to help in a big way. “I think it’s special because it’s such a simple action.” All five seniors said they wanted to share the quote. “And it makes such a big impact.”

Whether this group will make Christmas cookies or jam to Halloween music, the Holiday Club will be there for those to celebrate and have fun.