Next Math League competition set for Nov. 13

Teachers see benefit from event


Cathedran file photo

Math League, shown in action last spring, will meet on Nov. 13 before school.

Jameson Browne, Reporter

Math League has hundreds of participants every month. Students arrive with hopes of getting extra credit points for every answer they get correct or win a spot on the Math League leaderboard posted all around the school.

But what do math teachers get out of this club they give their time and efforts for?

Mrs. Lisa Hastings-Smith explained that teachers really don’t receive any physical reward but instead get the satisfaction of watching their students succeed. “Teachers enjoy seeing students solve challenging problems and have the opportunity to challenge themselves differently than in math class,” Hastings-Smith said.

While students get to enjoy the competitive nature and extra credit points, math teachers are able to spend time watching their students have fun with math and test their limits.

Students will next get the chance to impress their math teachers on Nov. 13 at 7:15 a.m.