Foreign exchange students experience holiday

To student from China, turkey is a new menu item


Senior Angel Luo stands outside of Target on Black Friday with senior Anna Pohl and sophomore Alex Pohl. The Pohls hosted Luo last year, and they celebrated Thanksgiving together.

Catlin O'Conner, Reporter

Thanksgiving is a holiday that America looks forward to, with the traditions, celebrations, the coming together of families. Senior Tim de Boer is a foreign exchange student from Germany, where they do not celebrate a holiday similar to Thanksgiving. 

Last year, his holiday season was spent with junior Gillian Ginnan’s family. They went to Florida and consumed the traditional Thanksgiving meal, of which de Boer recalls the chicken and dumplings. 

This year, DeBoer will be with his current host family, the Blanchets, for the special occasion, and they will spend it in an unusual way: at a horse track. de Boer still looks forward to the food and couple of days off from school. 

All of the Blanchets’ extended family will attend, and it should be a pleasant experience for De Boer.

Senior John Chai will celebrate this third Thanksgiving in America, but this year with a new host family as well. Previous years were spent with senior Jalen Buford’s family in Chicago. 

Junior John Willey and his family, along with Chai, will feast on this upcoming Thanksgiving. Chai said his favorite part about American Thanksgiving is “probably having dinner and celebrating.” Just like de Boer, he also looks forward to the extra long weekend. 

Senior Angel Lou will celebrate her fourth Thanksgiving in America next Thursday. During Lou’s freshman year she stayed with a family in Richmond and attended Richmond High School. 

Lou’s sophomore year was spent with the family of Hannah Speckman ’18, her junior year with senior Anna Pohl’s family, and this year she will be with Erika Weed. Lou said of her favorite part: “Probably having dinner and celebrating.” She said that she had thought it was interesting that we eat turkey here, and she has not seen this item on any menu or at any meal in her home country.