Face Off: On Black Friday, hit the malls

Face Off: On Black Friday, hit the malls

Annika Garwood, Sports Reporter

The absolute perfect ending to a delicious Thanksgiving meal and a short nap is traveling to local malls and department stores to purchase discounted items on Black Friday. 

There isn’t any feeling like that of waiting shoulder to shoulder with thousands of other people in front of floor to ceiling display cases showing the newest technology. What’s even better is seeing that big red and yellow on sale sign sitting right below it showing the low price for the night. Nothing compares to the exhilarating rush of shopping for family members and yourself at midnight on Black Friday. 

More than just getting an adrenaline rush from running past people to snatch the last sweater in a certain size or the final MacBook on the shelves, the deals department stores give are unlike any other of the year. 

Prices could be three-fourths of the original or even half off, which saves the consumer hundred of dollars depending on the items bought. 

Since many family members and friends will be bought for, these extra dollars saved could be the saving grace to all our bank accounts. 

Along with the money that could be saved going out on Black Friday, the night itself is just a fun outing. You can bring your mom, dad, siblings or even your best friend. 

Staying up late and browsing the racks for the latest fashion trends or newest iPhone is an exhilarating experience that can be even more fun if your best friend is there with you. 

If someone else goes with you for the night, they can provide a second opinion on what to buy and if something is even worth splurging for. Shopping, whether it be on Black Friday or not, is better if someone is there with you. 

What other day of the year is it acceptable to drive to McDonald’s for a burger at 3 in the morning or get coffee before the sun even rises? 

Black Friday is the best night of the year to have an excuse to stay up late and save major money on discounted items. 

I know some people wait for Cyber Monday, but some of the stuff in department stores on Friday could be from a limited supply that won’t be sold any other time of the year. 

If you don’t get out of the house, you could be missing out on some major bargains.

Black Friday is clearly the best way to top off a great Thanksgiving holiday. 

While getting ahead on Christmas shopping and taking advantage of the best deals possible during the season, it is the only night where it is acceptable to run through the mall and snag the last pair of boots in front of hundreds of other customers.