Face Off: On the day after Thanksgiving, stay home

Face Off: On the day after Thanksgiving, stay home

Madi Tran, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Every Thanksgiving I see people lining the streets outside of Targets and Walmarts even before Black Friday starts. 

Though Black Friday doesn’t technically start until that Friday many stores have opened that door way earlier than its intended starting time. 

Thanksgiving is for spending times with loved ones the entire day. With Black Friday looming that night, the only thing on your mind is how early to get to the stores in order to secure a parking spot or a good spot in line. Not to mention the weather while waiting in line is extremely frigid and why risk getting sick for a TV. 

On the topic of not spending time with your family, the employees at these stores must cut time with their families short or they might not be able to spend time with them.

Not only do people miss quality time with their families, Black Fridays can often get violent even resulting in cases of death. 

According to The Odyssey, in 2008 a man was trampled to death at a Walmart just to get a good deal. People can get so violent, it doesn’t stop at the stores. Every year you hear about car accidents due to road rage of people leaving the store or even getting to the store. 

Black Friday is also a scam. Many stores act like you’re getting a good deal when instead they put out items they couldn’t sell usually and they can’t get rid of the items. They put out brands you’ve never even heard of for a small discount just so they can get rid of the items. 

Also you risk spending money on things you wouldn’t otherwise spend money on. Yes, there might be a giant teddy bear for $10, but you’ll end up leaving that giant teddy bear in the corner of your room to crumble. 

Because Black Friday can get so ugly, the better option would be to shop on Cyber Monday instead. You wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your own home, you can hit many more shops because everything is online, and you don’t have to miss quality time with your family because Cyber Monday occurs four days after Thanksgiving. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not exclusively the only times during the year where there are sales. Different stores have sales throughout the year and these deals sometimes are even better than one’s held on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

According to German expert on Black Friday, Tim de Boer, you could just stay at home, watch Netflix, save money and eat brownies instead of trying to manically trying to make it to the stores.

Black Fridays can be eliminated and society would be a better place.