Library to remember Marvel-ous Stan Lee

Comic icon’s contributions will be focus of display

One of the items in the librarys collection is a comic book outlining the life and achievements of Stan Lee.

Anna Pohl

One of the items in the library’s collection is a comic book outlining the life and achievements of Stan Lee.

Anna Pohl, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Stan Lee, a prominent comic book writer and publisher, is most significantly known for his role as the creative director for Marvel, who died in mid-November.

Although he is remembered for his significant contributions to pop culture and media, library assistant Ms. Alannah Cataldo said he is recognized for more than just his cultural impact. Lee is also a prominent figure in the literary world through his work cartooning and creating the Marvel universe.

The school library will remember his work as it often does for important literary artists. “Usually we will end up putting displays out,” Cataldo said. “We do try to promote different authors or creators based on certain times of the year or if there is material coming out at a particular time of the year,” she said. Lee’s recent death is one date which will result in a special display in honor of him.

For those students interested in learning more about Stan Lee, the school library has a comic book on the life of Stan Lee. The library will likely begin gathering more Marvel materials in memory of Lee, Cataldo said.

“He made himself quite a legacy,” Cataldo said.

“Come into your library and explore some of the things that inspired Stan Lee,” Cataldo said. Students can learn about what inspired their favorite authors and creators by understanding what inspired the creators themselves. “If you really want to get to know some of these wonderful creators, it’s important to look back at what inspired them, “Cataldo said. “I always look at libraries as a national treasure or some kind of archeological dig.”