Advancement Office rolls out new Hall of Fame

Both students, alumni eligible for membership


Zack Gregor , Reporter

A new addition coming soon is the Cathedral Hall of Fame, or commonly known as CHS Circle of Excellence. The advancements staff wanted a way to recognize the accomplishments of current students and alumni.

Vice President for Advancement Mrs. Nicole Beasley ’98 said, “This idea first surfaced around Cathedral’s 100th anniversary. At that point there was a group that was working together for five years now and the fact that Cathedral has never had a Hall of Fame surfaced and we said now is the time.”

Beasley then elaborated on the four ways someone could be recognized. She said, “There are two different pathways to get in as an alumni, one of which is your accomplishments as a student. If a student had an illustrious career, whether it be athletics, academics or extracurricular activities, they could be entered. The other way someone could be entered as an alumni is through a distinguishable professional, personal or community contributions.

She added, “You can also be admitted as an employee, staff, administrator or coach. Someone can also be inducted as a community member, so someone who is not an alum or staff but still has a great impact on our school.”

The plans for this Hall of Fame are still in the works, but Beasley was able to share what is established already. She said, “In the front hallway by the student entrance there will be a touchscreen showcasing the different people in the Circle of Excellence. This is so there is somewhat of a physical presence on campus.”

For anyone interested in seeing what Beasley and the rest of her team already have in place, just head over to to view what the current list of honorees.