Spirt shop prepares for Christmas

Store to be open during all four final exam days


Adrian Edmonds

A student makes a purchase at the bookstore during E period on Dec. 5.

Tobin Bradshaw, Reporter

The spirit shop/bookstore, a constant and dependable source of pencils, composition books and Pop-Tarts, shifts its focus around Christmas.

Spirit shop/bookstore manager Mrs. Sarah Rogozinski said, “I’ve been here in this position since December of 2006. I’ve been part of the Cathedral family since 2000 when my daughter started here as a freshman.” During her time here, she has striven, she said, to “provide a positive friendly place for people to buy spirit wear.” D

Due to Rogozinski‘s efforts in managing the inventory, making advertising gift baskets and providing customer service, the Spirit Shop has become an excellent place for current students, teachers, alumni and prospective parents to buy Christmas gifts, she said.

The spirit shop inventory changes seasonally. However, December is a high traffic month, according to Rogozinski. To account for the large influx of business brought on by Christmas season, Rogozinski said, “I begin (planning for Christmas in) October, increasing our inventory and bringing in new items. We bring in more stock so we can readily replenish popular items.” The most trendy items are Cathedral sweatshirts and pullovers, which are especially popular among the girls.

Also, in order to account final exams Dec. 18 through Dec. 21, Rogozinski said, “We operate based on the school schedules. We close early on the final exam days.” And if you still need more time to buy gifts, she said, “We have an online store (which is linked on the school website). We worked really hard to get it up and running. It’s great for parents and alumni to buy (gifts).”