Take time to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas


Megaphone Staff

It is that time of year again when families across the country start planning their holiday cheer and preparing themselves for the events about to unfold in December. From mountains of food to loads of toys, there is so much more to Christmas these days than ever before.

People scour the malls (or Amazon Prime) looking for the perfect gifts at the best price to give to their loved ones, families unload their best holiday gear in preparation for other family members arriving at their household, and children wait eagerly for the moment they are allowed to rip off the wrapping paper and play with their new presents that Santa brought them.

This holiday season, and recent ones, have developed a new touch that makes them even more joyful. People might be worried that the true meaning of Christmas has been lost in all of the commercials and expensive presents, but the truth is that Christmas, especially for people of faith, is still the great season of family and giving.

Christmas, the season, especially when we were younger and were anticipating presents most of us wish could come faster, is dedicated to spending quality time with family, giving gifts to show appreciation for the people in our lives and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Families, in the spirit of the season, just have another reason to come together in unity and catch up on the highlights of each other’s lives and enjoy one another’s company. One more reason to be with family can’t be that bad.

Adding on to the joy of being with family, society has stepped it up and fully prepared us for the season. Christmas decorations flood houses in the neighborhoods, commercials boast low prices for the gifts that are “must-haves,” and classic Christmas shows appear daily on TV. It is almost impossible to steer clear of Christmas during late November and December.

U.S. News writes that “the Christmas trees, the winking lights, the glittering colors—provide the city with a spectacular display.”

For anyone who needs a little cheer in their lives, Christmas is the time to simply celebrate and gather that cheer from the jubilation that exudes from country, parish and school. And a special mention should be made thanking Vice Principal Mr. Jere Kubuske and the students who put up the Christmas wreaths, garlands and manger. (A story about their efforts appears on Page 2). 

All of the seemingly extra additions to what is already a great season are only in place to enhance the magic that is Christmas. Once Dec. 25 hits, the season fully comes together and the wait filled with decorations galore and never-ending TV ads seems worth it.

So get ready for Dec. 25, take a nap to be ready for Christmas Eve Mass, and make sure to bask in the joy of Jesus Christ, the reason for the season.