Face Off: The best Christmas movie is ‘Elf’


Madi Tran, Co-Editor-in-Chief

“Elf “ is simply the best Christmas movie ever and anyone to disputes is wrong. Buddy truly embodies the Christmas spirit and his innocence is the funniest thing about him.

Why would you want to watch a depressing movie about how a child is endangered after being neglected by his family, when you could watch a cheerful Will Ferrell movie about love and joy? 

“Elf”  has a little bit of everything to offer. If you want to watch a comedy, Elf is definitely something you can laugh at. If you like a rom-com, there is the love story between Buddy and Jovie. And who doesn’t love the adorable stop motion animals in the north pole. “Elf” is a timeless movie for everyone. Plus who doesn’t love the scene where Buddy explores New York for the first time?