Math teachers offer final exam advice

‘Active’ studying is important, says Hastings-Smith


Cathedran file photo

During second semester last spring, math teacher Mrs. Lisa Ford provides one-on-one instruction.

Andrew de las Alas , Reporter

The anxiety of finals has started to kick in, and the material needed to review can look daunting. The various math finals, be it algebra, pre-calculus or geometry, are known to be some of the most stressful of the bunch. However, like all other finals, deliberate studying and conscious review of old material is the key to a calm conscious.

Mrs. Lisa-Hastings Smith said that many students will “look over” their notes and tests, but really delving into why a student may have gotten a question wrong is important to do. What she termed “active” studying and review are incredibly important.

Mrs. Jennifer Hollis gave tips on how to actively study. She said not to just conduct a math review in one sitting, because “you’ll do a few problems, get distracted, and not finish it.” Instead she urges students to do all the problems ending in a number. For example, if you were doing problems that ended with a three, you would review items 13, 33 and 53, but leave 12, 32 and 52 for another day.

Hopefully, through a combination of teacher-supplied review guides and focused review of tests, students can do well on whatever numbers are thrown their way from Dec. 18 to Dec. 21.